Authority Communications

Brief Description:

Authority manage websites, digital campaigns and social networking platforms.

Authority write news, features, competitions and blogs.

Authority plan online press campaigns, media strategies and virals.

Authority produce banners, html newsletters and holding pages.


Address: 120 Cannock Court · 3 Hawker Place · London, E174GE

Country: United Kingdom

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Clients: Paul Weller | Tom Jones | Billy Bragg | The View | The Heartbreaks | The Virginmarys | The Pigeon Detectives | KAV | The Plea | The Cuban Brothers | The Bazaars | K | Black Manila | Daytona Lights

About Company

Authority plan and produce content for websites and social networking platforms. 

From the perspiration of a meticulously planned publication schedule, to the inspiration of a well turned phrase or headline, we'll ensure that all your platforms are compelling destinations for your fanbase. 

It's a rare artist these days who can afford to disappear between albums so we don't stop when the campaign does. We'll work closely with you and your acts to make sure that the fans don't disappear when the band does. 

Authority also specialise in community management. From forums to Facebook comments to fully grown official fanclubs, we'll be the first point of contact with your fanbase, moderating user generated content and dealing with fan queries.

Authority offer a first rate Digital PR service. 

We specialise in running creative promotions across key 3rd party websites including live sessions, video exclusives, artist takeovers, webchats, competitions, news and reviews. 

We'll arrange guestlists, features and interviews with relevant sites, working closely with tastemakers and opinion leaders to help build awareness of a new act, or a new release from a returning artist. We also have a targeted blog database and can circulate free music to our ever growing list, with the intention of getting a hype machine placement. 

We also plan and implement viral campaigns, fanbase-building initiatives and assist in the creation of viral tools. We monitor all your artist's social network profiles to help raise release / tour / news awareness and troubleshoot any problems that may arise. We have also worked closely with brands, including Nokia Music, helping them promote their music platform and garnering a targeted presence on the web.


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