Dry Stone Press Ltd


Address: Novern House, London, E1 5AE

Country: United Kingdom

Clients: Crewel Intentions, Do Nothing, Doobie Fontaine, Everything Everything, Hatari, The Howl & The Hum, Husky Loops, Huxlxy, The Intergalactic Republic Of Kongo, Longy, Dan Lyons, The Manor, John Moore, Travis Thompson, VanIves and Tyla Yaweh

Media Contact Name: Ash Collins

About Company

PR company spearheaded by Ash Collins who was the Senior Publicist at Sony Music Entertainment, Virgin Records, as well as Mercury Records. Where he worked on PR campaigns for some of the biggest and most exciting names in music including Jay Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Jamie T, MGMT, Jake Bugg, Future, A Tribe Called Quest, Slaves, The Chemical Brothers, Hot Chip, and Everything Everything.


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