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TCBYML is an Amsterdam based independent music label. We at TCBYML have years of experience working in the Dutch music industry and for different music companies like Universal Music, EMI, Virgin, Sony Music and Roadrunner Records. We have a full radio, tv, press, sales, product and marketing management service.


To get the DNA of TCBYML, think the DIY era of the early 80's added with the best a major label can offer to create the best of both worlds. TCBYML understands that today's musicians have grown increasingly savvy about the current music business. Artists are aware that it is no longer necessary to subscribe to the traditional music business model that takes away control and ownership of their own career. We offer the dedicated focus that our major label competitors cannot and the expertise and clout within the industry that our independent competitors often promise but cannot deliver. We seek out and attract bands, artists and producers who are independent by nature, people who want to take ownership of their careers and are willing to work with a label to contribute to their success.

TCBYML, when music is your love, life and passion!


In this new music world where there is this continuous flow of new music and the accessibility for everybody to listen to it, all is fragmented. We give you the opportunity to get into the Dutch music entertainment spotlights. To get the stage! As true music fans we have a passion to work “great” music and contribute towards long term artist development. We are on a path of inject a huge dose of equality.


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