Biz 3 Publicity

Address: Los Angeles, CA & Chicago, IL

Country: United States

About Company

For 18 years, Biz 3 has successfully led publicity campaigns throughout the nation, garnering a prominent reputation in the art and music community. Biz 3 has represented a wide array of artist ranging from Daft Punk to Skrillex, J. Cole to Danny Brown, Lauryn Hill to Justin Bieber, Diplo to Sampha as well as seminal labels like Vice, Def Jux, XL, Fool’s Gold, Mad Decent, OWSLA, etc., assuring an unquestionable status amongst the top taste making companies in the industry. In 1996, Kathryn Frazier founded the company next to a closet at the Chicago club The Empty Bottle and today has a staff of national publicists in Chicago and Los Angeles, working a diverse roster of over 80 bands, rappers, authors, filmmakers and visual artists. Biz 3 takes great pride in the work done and treats every campaign with an equally enthusiastic amount of creative vigor, integrity and determination. We stand out amongst our peers for continually pushing to see our projects in the spotlight for an indefinite amount of time, not just when we see that a campaign has run it’s course, or fees end. Biz 3 has a reputation for being selective (we turn down a lot of projects from majors and indies alike) and a track record for breaking unknown groups that previously had no press and turning them into critical darlings. The Biz 3 roster is exceptionally diverse from rap to pop to experimental to metal. Many of our artists enjoy large national features, covers of mags, late night TV, etc. In recent years, Biz 3’s client base has expanded beyond music and we now handle key press for restaurants, chef’s, film and dvd projects, books, websites and new media ventures, festivals, parties and marketing events. In 2011, Kathryn co-founded an independent record label, OWSLA, with three-time Grammy-winning Skrillex, Tim Smith of the Blood Company, and Biz 3 National Publicist Clayton Blaha. In 2013, Kathryn Frazier partnered with long-time publicist Dana Meyerson to begin a management arm of the company and made Dana a partner in Biz 3.


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