Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter/producer Remi returns with a brand new single. 'Just Kids'

Released May 17th 2019


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The last decade has been an unusual ride for London-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter/producer Remi, but she couldn’t be happier to be back. From 2007- 2009, when she put out her first two studio albums with Island Records as Remi Nicole (My Conscience and I and Cupid Shoot Me), everything happened so fast that it all felt like a blur. Buoyed and inevitably bound by the hype, Remi struggled to find her place. In the years that followed, she moved away from making music to pursue other creative pursuits, and to reflect and evolve.

Returning to music wasn’t easy, and the making and inevitable scrapping of multiple projects followed -- which Remi says was all an important process of discovering a new musical vision. “I ended up writing at least two or three albums worth of stuff,” she says. “But I never felt 100% on it and, frankly, could not find the courage to release it. I spent some time on the LA song writing circuit, which taught me a lot, but the process of my music was so experimental production-wise that it took a while to hone in on the sound I was looking for.”

Some of the output did find a home, however, and in 2014 she penned ‘London Queen’ for Charli XCX’s critically-acclaimed album Sucker. But life as a behind-the-scenes songwriter had never been Remi’s goal, and there was always feeling of unfinished business with her own output. Unexpectedly, it took the arrival of her first child and her journey into motherhood to focus Remi’s mind and give her confidence and inspiration to try again. “I realized that I wanted to do something that my son could be proud of,” she says.

Influenced by a diverse background and taste in music -- John Lennon, The Supremes, Santigold and Tame impala to name a few – Remi’s music occupies a unique terrain of pop that fuses classic sounds, modern indie-rock flavour, lush, anthemic choruses and a touch of psychedelia. The blissful and beautiful ‘Just Kids’ is the first step of a new frontier: a song Remi says helped her release her fears and embrace music like she used to, with the excitement and eager anticipation of her younger self.

‘Listen to ‘Just Kids’ here: https://soundcloud.com/iamremi/just-kids/

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