Ellise Chappell is Morwenna Chynoweth in BBC One's Poldark

Poldark Series 3 - An adaptation of the fifth and sixth novels in Winston Graham's Poldark Series

For Ellise Chappell, landing the role of Morwenna Chynoweth seemed almost fated.

"It turns out that the café I worked at before landing this role was Poldark’s executive producer, Karen Thrussell’s local and that I had previously served her coffee. I like to think it was all meant to be!

"It was actually whilst I was walking to the café to ask for my job back that I got the call to tell me I had booked the job and was joining the cast of Poldark. I turned right around and walked home again to tell my mum and we cried and laughed."

Ellise reveals even more incredible coincidences that occurred when she stepped onto set.

"My dad is from Cornwall and he grew up there. It was incredible really as I mentioned some of the locations we were filming on and he told me he had ridden horses on those exact beaches as a young boy, which was really amazing.

"What everyone says about Cornwall is true; it is truly beautiful. When it is glorious sunshine and you are stood on the cliff edge looking out, it is breath taking. For myself and also for my character there was a sense of awe seeing these incredible landscapes and not comprehending that they existed before. It is Morwenna’s first time on a beach and she is so taken with this county, it is almost like a fairyland compared to where she has lived before."

Ellise tells us a little about Morwenna and the effect of such Cornwall has on her.

"Morwenna arrives as a very innocent, young woman who is there to be the governess to Geoffrey Charles, Elizabeth’s son. She is very conscientious and gentle but underneath the surface there is a little bit of fire and a rebellious streak that she doesn’t even know exists. Morwenna arrives and sees this beautiful place and these open spaces and it ignites this more adventurous side within her and she is happy to go exploring and really appreciates being out in the open and having a bit more freedom.

"Morwenna goes on quite a turbulent journey during the series. Her and Geoffrey Charles bond really well and it becomes almost like a sibling relationship which soon effects Elizabeth. She was always the person closest to Geoffrey Charles and now there is someone unintentionally taking him away from her which has consequences. Morwenna becomes a pawn in George’s constant games and he uses her to further his own aspirations which is sad because as much as she has the courage to try and take control of her own life, ultimately that is taken away from her."

Whilst Geoffrey Charles and Morwenna grow close, there is another new character that comes into her life in the series.

"Morwenna builds this amazing relationship with Drake (Carne) who is someone that allows her to see new possibilities and ideas. Morwenna has grown up a certain way and is very aware of the rules and boundaries that society has set upon her. Drake is an eye opener for her and shows her that perhaps things don’t always have to be a certain way. Drake opens up a care free version of Morwenna who enjoys life and laughter and the two of them form this incredible bond, they are kindred spirits and it’s really lovely and so it is extremely sad when that is jeopardised."

Ellise tells us what it was like working alongside the two Harry’s.

"Harry Richardson is perfect in the role of Drake because he is so joyful and energetic and I can be quite reserved, like Morwenna, so in the same way Drake pulls Morwenna out of her reticent self, Harry did too for me.

"Harry Marcus who plays Geoffrey Charles and who I call Little Harry, was so much fun to work with, we got on so well and had such a laugh the whole time. He is so smart and professional but also still a kid so he has this wonderful energy. Both the Harry’s were so positive and brilliant!"

Joining an established band of actors on a much-loved drama could have been daunting but Ellise revels how welcoming the experience was.

"I was quite nervous at first, understandably, but as soon as I started to meet everyone I felt at east straight away because they were all so lovely. In Cornwall we all hung out most evenings. We would make dinner together and we played a lot of board games, specifically Bananagrams. Although I never won a single game!"

June 1, 2017 11:05am ET by BBC One  

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