Q&A with Marvin and Rochelle Humes about BBC One's The Hit List

It’s series two of The Hit List, how is it to be back?


Marvin: “It’s amazing to be back on the second series. The first series was incredible to be a part of. For the second series to be commissioned so quickly was absolutely brilliant news.”

“The programme has been so popular and the series will be on each week before Strictly Come Dancing in the winter months - it has blown us away.”

Rochelle: “We are so passionate about the show and we enjoy it so much, and to have two series in one year is not bad going at all. I think it has the perfect time slot as well.”

Can viewers look forward to any memorable moments in the second series?

Marvin: “There was a girl in the first series that me and Roch nicknamed Shazam Girl, her actual real name was Jumi. She was absolutely incredible, I’d never seen anything like it before - she was a brilliant and very memorable contestant for sure.”

Rochelle: “She was like a machine!”

Marvin: “We were worried that we wouldn’t get anyone as good as Jumi this time around, but we didn’t need to worry as there are some people who really are equally as good.”

What’s the standard of contestants like this time around?

Marvin: “People didn’t know what to expect on series one as the show was brand new, but this time around the amount of applications we had was huge! We have some amazing music fans who have blown us away with their music knowledge. It’s been incredible to watch and see how quick they are when they answer their questions. It’s been unbelievable.”

Rochelle: “For the second series, the standard has gone up. I think it’s because the first series was brand new, so contestants didn’t really know about the ins and outs of how the game worked before they applied to take part. This time around the amount of applicants went through the roof!”

Do you think nerves ever get to contestants when they are in the studio?

Rochelle: “I think there are some people in the new series who perhaps watched series one from their sofa and got loads of answers right. But when you are actually in the studio, the environment can make you nervous you can end up flapping! When you are doing it for real, the pressure is on and you see the money counting down, so I can see how the contestants would find it a lot more stressful, rather than playing from the comfort of their sofas.”

If you took part in the show as a pair, how do you think you would do?

Rochelle: “If the category was 90’s R&B I would do really well!”

Marvin: “I’d like to think I’d do OK. The best partnerships in this show are when you get two complete opposites. So something like a Grandparent and Grandchild, whose musical tastes span such a long timeframe, so generally speaking those are the pairs that tend to fair the best rather than two mates who go to Uni together and listen to the same type of music. I reckon if Roch and I took part we would do alright though - we’d be OK!”

November 13, 2019 9:20am ET by BBC One  


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