Interview with Vick Hope & Chris Kamara on The Hit List Celebrity Special

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 28th December 7.45pm, BBC One

Are you both feeling prepared going into the show? Do you have a team strategy?

Chris: Well, I haven't done any homework at all because I knew I’d be paired up with Vick who knows everything about every single song. She’s amazing so I'm just gonna stand there and go: "Yes Vick!"

Vick: I feel like I’m under enormous pressure here. I only really know songs from the last two years since I’ve been doing radio - so I was hoping, Chris, you would be able to help me!

C: I know a million songs; do I know the title of them? No. Do I know the intro to them? No. We’ll have a laugh anyway, whatever happens…

What would you say your strongest genre for music knowledge would be?

V: Well I think for me personally, it is going to be pop. I think probably current pop, followed by noughties pop, followed by 90s pop. But, I keep thinking I know 90s pop when the truth is I was fairly small - so now I’m a little nervous. I don't really know if I do...

C: 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s up until today, yeah - I don't know any of them.

V: I thought you were going to say you’ve got it all covered!

C: We will have to wait and see!

First live gig you ever went to and where was it held?

V: Can you remember a band called Athlete? They used to sing a song that went something like: "Go to El Salvador…" Anyway I had a massive crush on the lead singer who was called Joel and it was the first time I got into indie rock and I thought I was dead cool. I was 13 and they played at the Northumbria Students Union and my dad was there but he had to stand like seven people back and watch me and my friends from a distance because I didn’t want him cramping my style.

C: My first ever gig, I went to see Rod Stewart. He was amazing, I saw him afterwards as well. But I’d love to see Elton John, he's my hero. One day I want him to introduce me, you know in the song Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me when George Michael introduces Elton? I want Elton to do that for me.

V: If you see this Elton, make it happen!

C: Please Elton; it’s the last thing on my bucket list.

December 9, 2019 8:30am ET by BBC One  


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