A Christmas Carol: An Introduction by writer Steven Knight

Premieres 22nd December 9pm, BBC One



It is a true privilege to have the opportunity to offer a new interpretation of a timeless classic.

This story has resonated with people all over the world for over one hundred and fifty years and that is proof that there is something as durable as a diamond at its heart.

As someone in awe of Charles Dickens ability to create narrative and invent universally recognized characters, I have tried to stay faithful to the text. However, this has involved a close examination of what is written to find elements that perhaps Dickens in his own time was not allowed to write about due to contemporary sensibilities. I have asked why Scrooge is the man he is, what caused him to be so, and I have offered what I hope are challenging answers.

Every generation hands Dickens on to the next generation, and this evocation is offered with respect for whatever is deep and significant, and for all the many things that are fun, seasonal and festive. Expect some surprises and lots of snow.

Source BBC One

December 9, 2019 6:41am ET by BBC One  

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