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Working on a show based around the existence of ghosts is a dream job for Katy Wix, who reveals her love of all things mystical...

"I was obsessed as a teenager with Celtic stories and local Welsh myths, fairies and ghosts and I wanted to be a witch so much. My best friend and I had a book of spells. I remember being in my bedroom doing a love spell where we’d write the name of the boy we fancied and screw it up and if it floated it was true love. I was a real Goth in my early teenage years and I’d be a witch tomorrow if it was normal. I really hope it turns out that Mary was one. I don’t think any of the team on this even know that about me!"

Whilst not entirely sure whether she believes in ghosts herself, Katy shares some of the spookiest stories she has revelled in...

"I don’t know if I believe in ghosts but it is more interesting why people have those kinds of experiences, what it is about and the idea of the power of suggestion. It always freaks me out when someone who is very sceptical experiences something strange. I have never personally had any kind of ghostly experience but I am very open to it.

"My mum, who is sadly no longer alive, was very rational and I remember she told me she stayed in a hotel once and she could hear breathing. She was getting ready for bed and she could hear it coming from the corner of the room and it terrified her. She asked to change rooms."

Katy also relishes being part of a hilarious and friendly ensemble cast, explaining this was what initially drew her to the show...

"We had all been put together as the original Horrible Histories team, so we go back a long way and I was excited about the idea of working with that group of people again. I know what their tone is and what they would want because I started off in the sketch world, so I feel like I have been doing these big characters for a while.

"There is also something very nice about working as a big group; it is a shared responsibility which I find to be more fun. It feels very harmonious, they are really generous and they genuinely want you to have your bit to do, your fun moment. Everyone was excited about hanging out together, we laugh a lot and it is special. I knew this show would be a really enjoyable job, which was the main draw for me.

"In terms of coming back to film the second series, it was so wonderful to be so looking forward to going back to a job. It is always interesting the second time around with a series, especially a comedy, because the first series feels more risky and unknown, it is harder to win people over with comedy with the first series. It feels much more relaxed this series and things have a way of speeding up like costume and make-up - you find your little routines - and you feel settled into what you are doing. I am so grateful we got to make more, that people wanted more."

Katy discusses what specifically makes Mary such a fun role to return to...

"One of the things I love about Mary is she is such a playful role. She is an unpredictable, weird character so it feels like I could make anything fit. It’s never a case of ‘oh she would never do that’. There are moments where she’ll suddenly get into a really physical fight with someone and there is this violent rage that comes out and then there is also this romantic intrigue that slips out and then suddenly she is a seductress the next minute! So really anything goes, there is no cap on how mad or strange she can be and that is very freeing.

"Playing Mary is a real release. It feels really playful and creative. It is a really creative bunch of minds in this group and all we want to do is make each other laugh and try to do something as funny as the next person. It does make us try harder. Also, it’s a case of wanting to do a good job for the team, no matter how tired I am because I feel so grateful to have the work, to have a job to go to that I look forward to and one I find so funny and enjoyable."

Katy hints at what’s in store for Ghosts series two and why audiences will enjoy it even more than the first…

"At the end of series one there was a big moment where they discovered there is a mass grave, so some archaeologists come in and start digging and we see the plague victims’ bodies so it picks up from there. I don’t want to give anything away but there is a really nice and very ironic moment this series when paranormal investigators come in because ghosts have been spotted, but of course they are standing right next to us but have no idea. That was fun and we have some amazing guest actors doing cameos.

"Series two includes more mini storylines about certain characters, which is nice as you get to learn more about the ghosts. Mary and Kitty (Lolly Adefope) have formed a bit of a double act, which has happened naturally because Lolly and I have become great friends. Now we have established the characters there is more tension in the storylines and personalities come through more and this series is even more action packed than the first. It also has some really touching moments."

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September 17, 2020 4:25am ET by BBC One  


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