The Wall Versus EastEnders BBC Children in Need special



Danny Dyer presents a special EastEnders crossover especially for BBC Children in Need as two of Walford’s finest take on The Wall.

Fellow cast members Tony Clay and Roger Griffiths - who play Callum Highway and Mitch Baker - face tricky questions all about the beloved soap in the freefall round of The Wall as they attempt to win money for disadvantaged children around the UK.

The Wall Versus EastEnders will air as part of an exciting line-up on special programming during the annual appeal show on BBC One this Friday 13 November.

The Wall recently returned for BBC One for its second series and will be returning to BBC One on 14 November. EastEnders airs on BBC One on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Roger Griffiths

How was it to go up against The Wall for BBC Children in Need?

It was great, it was really fun. I didn’t realise how big The Wall actually is. It’s a huge structure, it’s massive. It’s quite intimidating I must say. But yeah it was great, it was good fun.

How was Tony as a teammate, did you have a strategy?

Oh Tony’s brilliant, he’s a brilliant man. Very knowledgeable about EastEnders and we made some money for BBC Children in Need.

Did Danny give you any advice?

Yeah… don’t mess up! It’s funny because we’re a team. When we’re in the workplace we’re always a team so it felt just like being at home. It didn’t feel strange for us. It’s just standing in front of that wall was very, very intimidating. But having Danny there was good, it’s familiar to us. It made it easier.

How important do you think BBC Children in Need is during these times?

Oh massively, especially right now. I can’t stress how much we need organisations like that. Things are bad right now. Things like BBC Children in Need can fall by the wayside because of what’s happening with things like Covid, so it’s really important we pay attention and give as much as we can and do as much as we can.

Tony Clay

How was it to go up against The Wall for BBC Children in Need?

It was very, very enjoyable. It was made more enjoyable by the fact Danny was hosting it. It was a real surreal thing seeing him up there doing it, he really smashed it. It’s great to raise money for charity and to do something for BBC Children in Need. We always try and help out where we can. I’m really excited that we won some money for such an important charity.

Did Danny give you any advice?

Always! He said to be calm and take it as you can. He’s so great and has a natural calming presence about him. It was really nice to do it with Roger too, he’s the calmest man in the game so that was lovely. We were pretty good working together in the game, it was like our brains were connected. I think we did alright.

Why is BBC Children in Need important to you?

BBC Children in Need has always been important to me. As actors are very privileged to be in this job, especially right now, so I think anything we can do to give back to people all around the UK is always important. For me, it’s something I’ve always watched growing up so it’s important I do my bit and help out.

Source BBC One

November 6, 2020 9:15am ET by BBC One  


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