Interview with Will Mellor on Strictly Come Dancing 2022



What made you want to take part in this year's show?

I’ve been asked to do things over the years and I've never wanted to do them, I was always a bit wary of doing things that might affect my career in a negative way. My mindset changed a couple of years ago after I lost my dad. Once I had gone through the grief I just realised you have to grab life and start saying ‘yes’ to things. When I got the phone call about Strictly something inside me said ‘ just say yes, do it’. Because I'd rather look back and say ‘I did that’ rather than ‘why didn't I do that?’, I want to do something that’s a challenge. It's scary and it’s out of my comfort zone, but those are the things that you remember, and that's why I decided to do it. Also it's my mum's favourite show and she's had a really tough couple of years, so it will give her something to look forward to and to smile about.

What do you think will be the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for me is myself! I'm doing this because I think it'll be good for me mentally, give me a structure and be good for my fitness. I do stress a lot and worry about things that haven't happened.

I've got bad knees from football and I’ve been trying to work on them to build my muscles around them so they don't pop out, so I’ll be worrying about them, or worrying that I'm going to get injured.

I don't take myself too seriously, but if I'm doing something, I'm in it to win it. I want to do my best and give it my all and represent my family.

How do you feel about being Strictly-fied?

I’m a bit worried about being Strictly-fied, I must admit! Because I am just me, I'm a working class kid, although I do enjoy dressing up a little bit and having a bit of fun.

I'm worried about spray tans because everyone keeps telling me I've got to have spray tan and I've never had one and I really don’t want one! But I've heard that once you're in the swing of it, you love it. So I'm taking every day as it comes and trying not to look too into the future.

Are there any memorable or standout moments for you from previous series?

Last year with Rose and Gio’s silent moment during their dance, I think that just transcended Strictly as more than a dance show, as we were able to just step into her world for a minute and it was magical. She was a well-deserved winner.

Do you have any previous dance experience?

I met my wife on stage at a musical called Oh What a Night about 23 years ago and that was the first time I had to learn routines and lifts. It was very out of my comfort zone but I got through it. I haven't done anything like this which is one of the reasons that I'm doing it, it's a challenge!

How are you preparing for the show?

The problem is I don't bend, I’m like a neanderthal man. I used to box and I do weights but that's not ideal for a dancer. I'm not going to go into this thinking I'm already ready, because I'm not. So I've been just ticking over in the gym, trying to keep my fitness up to a certain extent, but not ruining my life because I do like a beer.

Do you know any of your fellow 2022 contestants?

I know Kym Marsh, and she's lovely. She messaged me when it was announced that we were doing it. We'll have a bit of fun and she will go far because she's good and she's got talent!

Who do you think your biggest competition will be?

I honestly don't know. I'm not looking at anybody else because I don't know what they're going to bring. This show is more than the dancing, it’s the entertainment factor, It's the choice of the music and your journey, and all that.

I am praying I can physically get through it because I would hate to go out because of an injury. If I get voted out because I'm not good enough, then fair enough but not from being injured.

So do you have your eyes on the Glitterball?

I don't see the point in going into anything unless you want to give it your best, I honestly don't! I want to do the best I can possibly do and I want to win if I can, physically it might not be possible, but the whole point is, I put myself in 100% whatever I do.

Do you have a signature dance move that you do a parties?

I'll tell you one thing the hips don't lie! Oh ay I I've got some magic hips on me, I'm a bit of a hip dancer! I was on Celebrity Juice with Shirley Ballas and she told me I could move my hips! If in doubt, get the hips out!


Season 20 kicked off with the pre-recorded launch show on Friday 23rd September, and was followed by the first live show on Saturday 24th September.

Source BBC One

September 27, 2022 7:00am ET by BBC One  


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