Meet the cast of The Cleaner series 2: Harriet Walter Q&A

The UK’s favourite crime scene cleaner is back for a second series, with a new set of larger than life guest stars, and even bigger crime scenes to scrub

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Co-written by and starring Greg Davies, comedy series The Cleaner follows Paul ‘Wicky’ Wickstead on more of his eventful cleaning jobs.

Armed again with his chemicals, scrubbing brushes and cleaning rags, Wicky removes more gruesome remains at the scenes of new crimes, including in a theatre, an electrical goods store, and a stately home.

It is here he meets some more unusual characters and gets sucked into their worlds as he can’t help but gossip as he cleans, all the while trying to get down to the pub...

Harriet Walter Q&A

Can you tell us a bit about your character and what attracted you to the role?

My character is a tough cookie or thinks she is. She sees all relationships as transactions, as profit or loss. She is a great contrast to romantic soft-hearted Wicky. She owns the pub where the crime took place and is pretty cold-blooded about the murder. Why? And what is she hiding? She has some great lines and is nothing like any other character I have played. That, and the lure of working with Greg and his team made it an easy one to accept.

What was it like working alongside Greg?

Hilarious. A laugh a minute, but straight and honest too. A totally great guy.

Do you have a favourite moment from filming your episode?

Greg doing anything really. Wicky singing to the juke box when he thought no one was looking. Got me every time.

How do you think you would fare as a crime-scene cleaner?

I would be totally useless. I am very squeamish and I wouldn’t sleep for weeks…the image wouldn’t leave my brain. Blood and guts don’t appeal.


The Cleaner season 2 starts Friday 24th March 2023 at 9:30pm on BBC One.

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