Interview with Camerawoman Katie Mayhew on Wild Isles episode 4 Freshwater

PHOTO: Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber) (Image: BBC/Silverback Films/Andy Rouse/



Why did you want to be involved in a series about wildlife in the British Isles?
Ever since I first heard of the series, I was eager to work on it. There is something incredible about being able to work in your home country and capture the wildlife you have grown up around. It’s important to me to show others what we have in Britain and Ireland and hopefully change people’s perspectives on a few species too. For example, adders aren’t that scary or harmful but they are beautiful and elegant. Sadly though, like a lot of our species in the British Isles their numbers are in rapid decline and need help being protected and bringing back habitat for them.

What were your favourite species to film in this series?
This is a really tricky question for me as I enjoyed filming many species of plants and animals for this series. However, the top few would definitely be adders, toads, tawny owls and fungi.

Can you explain the underwater filming techniques you used when filming the toads?
We really wanted to film some split rig shots in the spawning pond so that you could see the toads mating in a wider pond setting. This involved Holly Tarplee, our underwater camerawoman, standing in waders in the pond for hours whilst moving the camera around the reeds and trying not to fall into the deeper waters. It’s was a jolly cold job to do in March in the dark but it was all worth it and Holly did a fab job. These shots then cut really well with the close-up shots I filmed of toads underwater.


Ep 4 – Freshwater | 7pm GMT, Sunday 2nd April 2023

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March 28, 2023 5:14am ET by BBC One  


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