Meet Survivor UK contestant - Jess

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Meet Survivor UK contestant - Jess

Age: 38
From: London
Occupation: Fitting Model

What made you want to be a contestant on Survivor?

It’s the ultimate challenge of a lifetime and I fancied doing something wild as I approach 40. I also thought the 100K might come in handy!

What qualities did you think you’d bring to the game?

Fun, laughter and positivity!

How did you prepare yourself mentally and physically for taking part?

I increased my gym sessions and did more weightlifting to get physically stronger. Mentally, I just dug deep!

Did you have a strategy of how you were going to play the game?

I never really had a game plan I just always said I would be true to myself and follow my heart and my gut instinct.

How competitive are you?

I’m quite competitive but it’s more a case of me being someone who will never give up.

What kind of challenges were you most looking forward to?

Anything to do with jumping in the sea and swimming, so much fun!

How did you cope with living on a beach with no home comforts?

Everything about it was my literal worst nightmare, I was so out of my comfort zone but I did it.

What did you learn from being on the show or what is the biggest takeaway?

The biggest thing I learnt was that I’m stronger than I thought!  

Source BBC One

October 23, 2023 3:00am ET by BBC One  


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