Michael McIntyre reveals The Wheel's new experts & teases "an astonishing ending"

Michael McIntyre reveals The Wheel's new experts and teases "an astonishing ending that we haven’t had before"

He reveals what his Wheel category would be and which celebrity expert could guest host

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BAFTA award-winning Michael McIntyre is back with his hit Saturday-night gameshow that's packed with huge stars, big laughs, and a colossal spinning wheel!

Three contestants hope to answer their way to a fortune, guided by seven celebrities, but can they help them to win life-changing cash? That all depends on the spin of The Wheel.

Just as Big Show wrapped, we now have the joys of seeing you host The Wheel once more, returning this Saturday! Fill us in on who we can expect to see on our screens over the next several weeks?

We made ten Wheels, and broadcast six leading up to Christmas, so we have four remaining and have saved the most dramatic one! I won’t reveal which one it is but it’s an astonishing ending that we haven’t had before. The wonderful thing about the format is that every game plays out differently and this one, in particular, is a real gem but what stands out the most about these last four shows is the fun that’s had on The Wheel. There are first time experts like Russell T Davies, Steve Pemberton and GK Barry - as well as The Wheel veterans like Katherine Ryan, Vanessa Feltz and William Hanson.

Dermot is back (fourth times a charm) and once again delivers a brilliant performance. After hosting the show for four seasons, do you think you could take Dermot on in a game of The Wheel and pip him to top spot on the rankings?

Dermot is now a Wheel legend, having finished top of the leader board three times. We might have to create a Hall of Fame for experts on the Wheel; Dermot would certainly be the first inductee. I actually really like this idea and will suggest it – maybe, if a contestant lands on a Hall-Of-Famer it’s double money! I certainly couldn’t compete with Dermot; my general knowledge is appalling, which I think helps me not give anything away to the contestants.

If you were to appear on The Wheel as a celebrity expert, what would you pick as your category? We know it wouldn’t be London tubes…

I’m OK with sport, football, or cricket. Joel Dommett had Michael McIntyre as his category; I’d be good at that one!

And, if you were to be a celebrity expert on The Wheel, who would you nominate to guest host The Wheel for one night only?

There have been so many huge personalities on The Wheel who would all make great hosts; Josh Widdicombe, Joanne McNally, Rylan Clark, Alan Carr. The person who has made me laugh the most is probably, unexpectedly, the England Rugby player Joe Marler – I just love him, I’d like him to host!

You merged Big Show and The Wheel together in a hilarious segment called The Wheel on Wheels in the most recent series of Big Show, where you find people watching The Wheel live on TV, as it broadcasts. It must be amazing to know that around the UK people tune in every Saturday to watch the show – how was it meeting your Wheel audience face-to-face, in their own homes?

Playing Wheel on Wheels was genuinely one of the most exhilarating things I’ve done on The Big Show. It’s such a unique experience to be watching TV, the doorbell rings, and the host of the show is on your doorstep!

I loved how nervous and excited the families got playing the game because they had hardly any time whatsoever to get their heads around what was happening. Normally contestants have a while to prepare themselves, but Wheel on Wheels is just a crazy experience. We could be filming more Wheel on Wheels in the future, so a message to all The Wheel fans out there... keep your curtains open!


Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel will return for a brand new episodes this year, starting on 24 February at 8:10PM On BBC One.

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