Interview with Martin McCann (plays Stevie Neil) in BBC One's Blue Lights - arrives today April 15

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April 9

How has Blue Lights moved on from the first series?

The story picks up a year on and Stevie is still rustling up dishes at home to bring in for lunch and he’s a pretty straightforward guy. He’s gotten to know Grace a lot more and they’re out on the beat doing what they do as police officers.

What’s it like coming back to Blue Lights?

It’s been lovely to see everyone again and come back to a world that feels familiar. It felt easy this time because we know the characters so well. It felt safe and a fun environment to come back to.

Has the relationship between Stevie and Grace progressed since series one?

It’s obvious there is a spark between them but they have created boundaries between their work lives and personal lives. Stevie wants to protect Grace from harm but that comes at a cost and we see how that plays out in the series.

What can audiences expect from the second series?

The stakes are high and audiences will see a ramp up in the gravity of some of the situations that they have to face. The criminality in the second series is darker as they face more sinister forces in this series than they did in series one. This criminality has far-reaching consequences on the communities and is incredibly challenging for the team to sort out. It’s also disheartening for our unit as they try to keep up their morale while holding onto why they became police officers in the first place.

Why do you think the show was such a big success and resonated with audiences?

I think the show was a hit with audiences firstly because it was so beautifully written and crafted by two very talented screenwriters, Adam and Declan. They made it easy for us to literally perform what was on the page. It had heart and we made it with a lot of passion, love and soul and put our best into it. None of us knew at the start of this whole process that it would be received by the audience the way it was. I think it all happened at the right time and the audience took to it because it had heart.

What did it mean to you to make this show about your hometown, in your city and in your own accent?

I particularly loved making Blue Lights because it is inherently a Northern Irish story, and it means that I get to be close to my family and friends. I enjoy being at home and getting the opportunity to play someone that sounds like me makes it all the more familiar and enjoyable. I like the character I play and the brilliant actors I get to work with every day. I never stop learning on the job and this is the best I’ve had as it’s home grown and the writing is fantastic!

What are the underlying themes of Blue Lights?

Relationships and human interaction are the core themes underpinning the show which I think is a big draw for audiences.

How would you describe the show?

It’s a show about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances who are brave enough to take on this challenging profession.


All six episodes in Blue Lights season 2 will arrive on BBC iPlayer at 6am on Monday 15th April, before the first episode airs on BBC One at 9pm that evening.

The rest of the season is then expected to air weekly on BBC One.

Filming on the season took place in summer 2023 in Belfast.

Source BBC One

April 15, 2024 4:00am ET by BBC One  


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