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Only one can become MasterChef champion 2024

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May 19, 2024 – It’s finals week as the MasterChef anniversary celebrations continue, and two incredible challenges await our final four. They will have to give it their all, as at the end, John and Gregg will pick the three lucky cooks to move ahead to the grand final, where the 20th MasterChef champion will be chosen.

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Chris Willoughby






Circus Performer


Lives with long term partner and interior designer, Kim

Cooking Background:

“I’ve always been fascinated by cooking. It probably started from watching my grandma cook a great Sunday roast pork and being fascinated by how she would do it and make things taste so nice. I’m a firm believer in travelling and have been so lucky with my career to go to far-off places and explore food while I’m there. Naturally, I go find the best food and enjoy it – it’s more than a hobby, it’s an obsession! Growing up we reared our own pigs for meat, and we had chickens for eggs.

Being mindful of where good food comes from is something I learnt at a young age. The people around me as a child, and now, have been a huge influence on me. I’ve been with my boyfriend Kim for seven years now and he has been so supportive throughout my two journeys in MasterChef. He does a lot of the washing up when I’ve been cooking! My older sister is also super supportive. My passion for cooking really blossomed with traveling and getting my hands on Asian ingredients. During lockdown I also became very focused on food. All of my performing work was cancelled and I was left with time to think and eat!

On MasterChef:

“I entered MasterChef because I have always loved the series and the competition. Who doesn't love a challenge? And this is one that will definitely test you. I felt my cooking had gotten to a good level and I was ready to be tested and learn new things along the way. I’m always striving for the next new thing. Being able to achieve new things has always given me the passion to keep growing. Getting through to the finals feels out of this world. The further you get in the competition, the more driven you become to get to the title. With each challenge you learn so much. Cooking for John and Gregg has always been a pleasure, they both have great palates and have been tasting dishes for over 20 years on the show so you really know the feedback is coming from the right place.”

Cooking Influences/Passions:

“I’m most passionate about presentation and flavours. As an artist and performer. I can’t get enough of cooking on flames and open fires. I have always been inspired by classics and chefs like Mary Berry, Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. I’m also inspired by the places I’ve visited, restaurants in Japan, Spain, Thailand - the food always speaks to me.

Cooking Ambitions:

“I would love to write some cookbooks based on food and its concepts, theatre and home entertaining. I have loved being part of MasterChef and would like to make more TV, like food documentaries exploring remote cultures and food around the world. I’d also like to curate and direct my own immersive dinner theatre experience.”

Source BBC One

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