Interview with Gamba Cole who plays Ben in The Outlaws which returns on May 30 (UK) & May 31 (US)

The gang is back for series three of the comedy-thriller from Stephen Merchant, coming to BBC One, BBC iPlayer and Prime Video

Available to view on Prime Video in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Nordics

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May 20 - Interview with Gamba Cole who plays Ben in The Outlaws which returns on May 30 (UK) & May 31 (U.S.)

Who is your character and what is his role in the show?

My character, Ben, is the bouncer of a nightclub and the sole carer of his younger sister, who wants to have a better life than him, to have better choices. Ben felt like he had to give up his adolescence to make sure she’s okay and she did well. He’s an overall nice guy, loyal, happy. A fun guy.

In terms of his role within the series, Ben first started doing community service because he was paying a debt to somebody. He was not meant to do community service for committing a crime, he’s impersonating someone else. We found out later on who that was and what he’s doing it for. He basically stumbled upon some money and hid it in the community service building. And from there, that’s how the other Outlaws started to get involved, figuring out what to do with the money. We then later find out that it belongs to a drug lord, and he’s looking for his money back!

What can audiences expect to see in series three?

In series three, the stakes are even higher! What’s so good about this series, is that everyone who's watched the first two series already knows the characters, so we get straight into the action. There’s a lot of dramatic moments, a lot of sad moments, and a lot of funny moments, of course. It’s a journey for all of us as a collective and individuals.

What are the toughest challenges Ben faces this series?

Without giving too much away, he’s really embroiled in a love triangle where his heart and his head are in two different places, and he’s really got to figure out what’s best for himself and his future. The biggest challenge for him is figuring out who his future is going to be with.

Are there any particular scenes you enjoyed filming?

There’s a scene I filmed in Weston- super-Mare, on rollerblades, which was my favourite scene to film, because I can’t actually roller-skate! And luckily my character couldn’t either. So, it wasn't a case of me acting, it was me trying to stay alive! That was quite enjoyable.

I also always enjoy the scenes when we’re all together, the Outlaws, and we get to bounce off each other and create really tense and funny moments.

Are there any locations you filmed on this series?

I love anytime that we’re in Bristol. We really wanted to make sure we showcased Bristol in every light. I think we’ve done a good job of that. When people approach me when I’m out and about, they talk about how much they love the show, and they always mention the roads that they recognise, the buildings they recognise, the art on the walls that they love. I think that’s really nice, because we wanted to make sure that the whole of Bristol felt a part of this story, it didn’t belong to the Outlaws, it belongs to Bristol.

What is it like filming in Bristol?

It’s amazing to film the series in Bristol, especially for me personally, having being born here, and having family here. It’s like a full circle moment for me, I’m grateful to be there. I love when we’re filming in places and areas that I grew up in. It’s really nice, and it always feels good to be back.

Can you talk about Ben and Rani’s relationship and how it develops?

At the end of series two, the way we left that relationship was Rani leaving Ben on the train. And they hadn’t spoken since. Rani has gone off and lived her life, Ben has continued the dream he had of setting up his food shack. There literally hasn't been any communication between them. So in series three, as they connect again, as a character, you go through all of those emotions, of things you never said, that you wish you had, trying to figure out why, trying to get closure, of Ben trying to figure out how he feels. All of those important emotions take place in this new series.


PRIME VIDEO INFORMATION: The Outlaws are back for Season 3 of star/creator Stephen Merchant's comedic thriller will premiere with all five episodes on Friday, May 31 on Prime Video. Available to view on Prime Video in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Nordics.

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May 30, 2024 3:00am ET by BBC One  


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