Interview with Clare Perkins who plays Myrna in The Outlaws which returns May 30 (UK) & May 31 (US)

The gang is back for series three of the comedy-thriller from Stephen Merchant, coming to BBC One, BBC iPlayer and Prime Video

PHOTO: Greg (Stephen Merchant), Myrna (Clare Perkins), Ben (Gamba Cole), John (Darren Boyd) & Diane (Jess Gunning) (Image: BBC/Big Talk/Alistair Heap)



May 20 - Interview with Clare Perkins who plays Mryna in The Outlaws which returns for season three on May 30 (UK) & May 31 (US)

Can you recap The Outlaws?

Outlaws is about six people doing community service, along with Diane, their Supervisor. They’re all very different. Different ages, from all different walks of life. You might want to call them stereotypes, but in stereotypes there is always a truth. Their lives start to merge, they find themselves in a situation and the story goes from there.

We all started community service and then we were all dragged into a story which involved everybody’s ideals being compromised. Breaking the law again. Being forced into situations where all the characters have to make choices that weren’t ideal. We also had to come together as a team, which made some unlikely friendships emerge, and it kind of turned into a team building exercise involving crime, drugs and murder.

Who is Myrna?

Myrna is an older single woman. She’s lived life on her own terms mostly. She’s brave, outspoken, she’s woke and proud of it. She’s a fighter for justice and equality and she’s got a very big heart but that’s not necessarily how she would describe herself. She’s doing community service for her activist stuff. She’s forthright, a bit angry, but cares a great deal about the world and the people in it.

Given the evolution of Myrna over the three series, what advice would series three Myrna give to your character at the beginning of series one?

I think probably to open her heart, and that it’s okay to be vulnerable. And don’t judge a book by the cover.

What is the toughest challenge Myrna faces this season?

Love. Romantic love. That’s the challenge!

What were some of your favourite scenes to film?

Anything with Darren (Boyd), when it’s John and Myrna. We had a lot of fun filming the scenes in the Dean’s house.

What was it like reuniting with your castmates this series?

Pure fun. It was really good to come back. While it’s always nice to get a new gig, it’s nice to get a returning gig and be like, ‘I can’t wait to see these people again’.

What are the themes from series three?

Friendship, loyalty…and murder.

How has Myrna and John’s friendship evolved?

They say opposites attract! However, they’ve got a lot of similarities that they don’t realise, even though their political views are opposite. They’re both passionate about the way they see life and the way they think life should operate and how other people should be behaving.

I think that’s what The Outlaws shows as well, that when you put a group of human beings - who all hold different political views, different ages, different races - into a situation, it’s not impossible for them to all get along. Life doesn’t have to be perfect, but it’s possible for them to get along. It is possible for human beings to exist in the same space. I love that about the show.

How is it working with and ensemble cast?

Great. it’s the best thing. When you do soaps, you don’t necessarily get to see the whole cast, just the people that you’re working with. But in a series like The Outlaws, we have a lot of scenes together, so we know each other, and we know each other’s characters.

How has it been filming the show in Bristol?

I love Bristol. If I ever move out of London, I’m going to Bristol. I love Cottam, I love Clifton, Bedminster with all the independent shops. I like the restaurants. I like the vintage shops. I love Bristol. It’s my favourite city in the UK.


PRIME VIDEO INFORMATION: The Outlaws are back for Season 3 of star/creator Stephen Merchant's comedic thriller will premiere with all five episodes on Friday, May 31 on Prime Video. Available to view on Prime Video in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Nordics.

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