BBC to air world exclusive documentary examining Ron Jeremy, US porn star

Indicted on 34 sex crime charges

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For decades, the world’s most famous male porn star, Ron Jeremy, allegedly groped, assaulted and raped women.

Considered one of the most unlikely success stories of the adult industry, the icon of porn appeared in over 2000 adult movies and successfully crossed over into mainstream media, featuring in music videos, Hollywood films and reality TV shows.

Yet it wasn’t until June 2020 that Jeremy, 68, was arrested and charged by police in LA. He’s currently in prison awaiting trial for 34 sex crimes against 21 women.

Ron Jeremy: Fall Of A PornIcon is an explosive 30-minute documentary by BBC News, revealing first-hand accounts of alleged abuse by Jeremy and character witnesses from those closest to him. It is the first time many of his accusers have ever spoken out.

In a world exclusive broadcast interview, Ginger Banks, an adult performer who shone a spotlight on Ron Jeremy’s behaviour in 2017, speaks for the first time on camera about her struggle to get the industry to listen and take action. It was Ginger’s exposé on YouTube that caught the attention of Rolling Stone magazine writer EJ Dickson. She describes how her in-depth investigation uncovered dozens of alleged victims and eventually Ron Jeremy was arrested.

Featuring two new victims who accuse Jeremy of rape for the first time, the documentary reveals the extent of his alleged crimes and the effect they have had on many women’s lives.

Jeremy - who has consistently denied all the allegations against him and has pleaded not guilty to all the charges - is one of the men investigated by a Hollywood task force established in 2017 to investigate sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry which also led to Harvey Weinstein being charged. If convicted Jeremy faces up to 330 years in prison.

In a post-#MeToo environment conversations about consent - both within and outside the adult industry - have become more sophisticated and the sexual revolution receives more scrutiny than ever. For many, Jeremy’s arrest is seen as the first significant #MeToo moment in porn, yet there are some who believe he’s become the scapegoat for the adult industry.

The documentary hears from friends and colleagues who knew Ron personally and give their side of the story. High-profile industry insiders discuss the changes within the world of porn and the growing importance of written consent on set.

The internet has undoubtedly changed the landscape of porn and this documentary looks behind the scenes of an often-secretive world to ask whether the power has really started to shift in favour of the female performers.

Ben Bryant, Director, says: “This is a story about the women who exposed Ron Jeremy, working against the grain of the adult industry and without the support of the mainstream media until very recently.

“All of the women we spoke to said that porn performers are rarely listened to when they call out rape and sexual assault. This film centres their experiences.”

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