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[Published: May, 2023]


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28, Kilkeel, Northern Ireland

“I just hope that some queer kid, who’s scared to be who they are, sees this and it makes them feel strong, glorious and powerful enough for them to accept and display their true authentic selves to the world. Something I wish I would have done a lot sooner in my life.”

Gareth lives in East London working as a stylist. Gareth adores all things fashion, everything from vintage runway couture to the latest club looks. He loves to get creative and plan extravagant party outfits.

Gareth grew up in a small town in Northern Ireland. In a community where family life revolved around religion and traditional roles, Gareth felt like an outsider. As a young boy he used to secretly flick through editions of Vogue dreaming of a different life. Reflecting back, Gareth says that he spent so many years trying to be someone he wasn’t. He came out when he was 24 and then when Gareth moved to London, his life completely changed. He says that he dived straight into the gay scene and embraced everything about it, making up for lost time.

Now Gareth has a vibrant social life and his closest friends are the people who he met on the London scene. Gareth loves to joke around with his friends and make people laugh. When it comes to dating, Gareth is sick of “toxic” mindsets guys have about masculinity. He’s hoping to meet a fellow free spirit with confidence and queer energy.


I Kissed A Boy launches on BBC iPlayer on Saturday 13 May at 6am and Sunday 14 May at 9pm on BBC Three.

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May 14, 2023 4:00am ET by BBC iPlayer  


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