Singer-Songwriter and Storyteller KAT Releases Latest Single ‘Rise’


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Singer-songwriter and storyteller KAT releases her new single ‘Rise’, which highlights a vulnerable side to her, a change to her usual pop rock powerhouse self. Her raspy, soulful vocal takes front and centre of this track, layered above a soft piano and string harmony.

It was the voices of old school blues and soul legends like Aretha Franklin and Etta James that first made KAT want to sing: “I loved their tone, the raw honesty and emotion of the songs they sang, the story-telling, the baring of their soul through their voices – I knew I wanted to sing with this kind of authenticity and write songs that had a story to tell”.

KAT has sold out headline shows in Camden, had huge amounts of support from press and radio outlets since the release of her previous single ‘Liar Liar’, and is now ever closer to releasing her debut EP ‘Warrior Heart’.

‘Rise ’is about the evolution of healing and how powerful it can be not only for yourself but for others too. At a moment of despair someone reaching out and holding space for you, letting you know you are not alone, can be what gives you the strength to keep going.

In turn, that can lead to kinder self-talk and your own rousing self-belief that yes, you can get through the challenges you are facing. And from there; sharing your struggles, the obstacles faced and ultimately surmounted, can help others who are now where you were, also believe that they can get through the challenges they are facing.

When asked about her inspiration around the track and the process of piecing it together KAT stated “I wrote it in real time while emotions were messy and life uncertain and allowed my experience to lead the writing. The empowering message at the heart of the song was where I hoped to be in the near future. I have to credit my mum for the inspiration behind the uplifting spirit of 'Rise', her wise words and belief in me at a time where I was at my most fragile made all the difference”

‘Rise’ - available on all streaming platforms

May 16, 2023 8:00am ET by Blinding Talent  

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