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As we approach the end of lockdown with a slow swerve back to normality, the focus on recovery is now greater than ever. Post pandemic, the creative industry has been one of the hardest hit with incomes wiped out due to the closure of music venues, galleries and festivals. In reaction to this, today sees the launch of Make Art Work, a global initiative which will support musicians and creatives who have been affected by Covid. The aim of the network is to build a new foundation for the creative industry and provide commercial guidance as well as real opportunities to drive income.

Make Art Work ( will be led by global music and culture platform Worldwide FM ( and is a personal response to the current emergency across the creative and music sectors. The platform will showcase scaleable ideas from artists such as Ashley Beedle, Colleen Murphy and Charlie Dark who are all a part of the Worldwide family network, and beyond. The ideas will be replenished on a regular basis and directly available for brands to develop with each participant; meaning Make Art Work becomes an instinctive destination for creativity. Each idea will be protected and safeguarded to prevent any conceptual misrepresentations.

Brands will be asked to make a small contribution in return receiving access to a portfolio of unique and original concepts. All profits will be paid directly to the artists. Make Art Work’s first wave of curated projects will include a ground-breaking environmentally friendly vinyl packaging system, Wax For Life, and a docuseries bringing together creatives from across the global black diaspora to share experiences and practices around the world.

Make Art Work is a safe, commercial space for artists to showcase first-hand ideas directly to brands and like-minded agencies, ensuring a quicker route to some of the most exciting creative talent in the UK and beyond. Its aim is to encourage prosperity for creatives and reframe the way brands and traditional talent agencies work and how they engage with their audiences; a factor which will be paramount to delivering successful briefs now.

Jon Wilkins, Executive Chairman, Karmarama says: 'It’s been a terrible year on many levels for the arts world. For creative people in the music and arts it's been doubly devastating, as the majority of their public outlets of expression have been closed off due to COVID restrictions. A healthy music and art world has always led to a more successful commercial creative world. 'Make Art Work' is a platform which offers clients and creatives an opportunity to connect directly with the ideas from this community, to work in close partnership with the talent and to play a crucial part in rejuvenating creativity at a time when it needs it most , it’s a platform where everyone wins'

Dan Moss, MD of Worldwide FM says: ‘Worldwide FM and platforms like ours can only exist because of the brilliant individuals who make up the creative sector. Our network of artists, creatives and collectives have experienced a historically torrid time over the past twelve months, but their wonderful ideas and projects that we hear about every day feel more relevant and vital than ever. Make Art Work is our commitment to the people pushing culture forward - we believe we must come out of this pandemic with better ways of reflecting art's immense value to society’.

Whilst Make Art Work’s community-first approach will shake up the old agency paradigm and benefit the artist first and foremost, this approach is more than that. This shift in the exchange of ideas and commerce offers a first glimpse into a new post-pandemic world and a fresh type of ecosystem for the creative industry. Make Art Work is about mitigating previously imposed restrictions and building a supportive framework which nurtures creative autonomy and drives direct commercial gain.

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The award winning radio station with a global audience, Worldwide FM represents music, culture and people from marginalised societies and oppressed communities. Whether our programming comes from Palestine or New Orleans, we try where we can to give voice to progressive artists and cultural figures who fight inequality in all its forms.

We have been showcasing subcultures and stories from across the world for over three years, and also regularly broadcast from London, New York, Mumbai, Seoul, Johannesburg, Brussels, Kyoto, Berlin, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Paris, Rio, Detroit, Tokyo, Istanbul and beyond. Our partners, WeTransfer, help power the new station, and their mission statement is rooted in the same ambition as our own – to explore and tie together the evolving diversity of global creativity. Our wider organisation includes Brownswood Recordings and Future Bubblers, and our shared values of respect, tolerance and inclusivity are detailed below. We support the Black Music Coalition and their list of demands/action points and also have signed up to the progressive Equality In Audio pact.

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