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Free Download: Ektoise - ‘State Vector Collapse’ (Mark Fell Remixes)

Ektoise have spent years crafting peculiar sonic delights, blending organic and synthetic sounds into a colourful patchwork that is nice and refreshing; something a bit different to the norm. There are elements from vastly disparate musics; Rock, Electronica, Ambient, Shoegaze, Drone, Psychedelia, Metal, Power Electronics, Jazz, Soundtracks and Noise, which are combined in new ways to build a sound that is utterly unique.

Ektoise have just issued 'Distortions', a remix album which features contributions from such esteemed artists as Mark Fell (SND), The Haxan Cloak, Scald Rougish (Dalglish, O.S.T.), zK and Secret Killer of Names. We are very pleased to share both of Mark Fell’s remixes of 'State Vector Collapse' as free downloads.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Ektoise and is currently comprised of six mulch-instrumentalist musicians led by producer Greg Reason. Ektoise traverse an unusual trajectory in their compositions, managing to sound both familiar and unfamiliar simultaneously.

In February 2013 Ektoise will be releasing a new studio album - more information coming on that front soon.

Distortions' Tracklisting:

1. Dissolved (Le Angustia Epoca by Subsea)
2. Subquanta (Greg Reason remix)
3. Square Peg (The Haxan Cloak remix)
4. State Vector Collapse (Mark Fell remix 1)
5. State Vector COllapse (Mark Fell remix 2)
6. Down River (Secret Killer of Names remix)
7. Venerandum (Scald Rougish remix)
8. The Golden Bough (HXDK Gnarled Branches remix)
9. Shoreline (zK Floodland remix)


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