Ed Balls and Michael Gove join forces to support a Re-United Kingdom

The Election is over and after all the point scoring, name calling and division, Channel 4 is joining forces with The Great Get Together in a special weekend of programming to celebrate and emphasise that we have more in common than that which divides us. 

Politicians from opposite sides have put their differences aside to come together to take part in comedy sketches and take an awkward ride in our ‘lift of reconciliation’. Those pairs include Ed Balls and newly appointed Environment Secretary Michael Gove. It may only be a short lift ride but perhaps a shared love of Korean pop music and dance will help them settle their differences by the time they reach their destination?

The two images and a short out-take clip show Gove and Balls behind the scenes, filming for the full sketch which will be shown during The Last Leg: Re-United Kingdom, Friday 9pm on Channel 4.

Balls and Gove are just two of the people from the worlds of politics and show business who are supporting the show which has been inspired by MP Jo Cox. Others taking part include political rivals Blair vs Hague and Sturgeon vs Davidson. The live two hour show will pay tribute to Jo by hosting a huge celebratory event aiming to remind viewers of the themes that unite us rather than divide us.

Hosted by The Last Leg team of Adam Hills with Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe and with special guests both in the studio and across the UK extended programme, The Last Leg: ReUnited Kingdom, will air this Friday, marking a year since Jo’s murder.

With warmth and humour Adam, Alex and Josh will be reuniting famous foes and settling some long standing disputes as high profile guests come together and put their differences aside. Cross party involvement and international faces are lending their support in surprising and interesting ways across the evening.

The show kicks off a weekend of UK wide community events, street parties and picnics organised by The Jo Cox Foundation under the banner of The Great Get Together. Channel 4 is its official broadcast partner and will be supporting the movement with programming also dedicated to the theme on Sunday Brunch where hosts Simon and Tim will be joined by celebrity guests and offer viewers delicious street party recipe ideas.

June 15, 2017 6:58am ET by Channel 4  

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