Ellen Page, Gabriel Byrne, Charles Dance, Gina McKee & Tasmin Grieg to appear on All 4 in March

All 4 March 2018 Highlights

As the UK reels from the longest, coldest, grimmest winter since woolly mammoths roamed the streets of Chelsea, All 4 seeks to generate a bit of much-needed heat and bring the odd ray of sunshine to the nation with some cockle-warming (and the occasional spine-chilling) collections of box sets. Fearless Travellers takes us to the planet’s remotest corners, young things have fun in the sun, and some smash-hit sitcoms bring a warming smile to even the chilliest cheeks. And as night time falls, you can lose yourself in the darkness of Walter Presents’ serial killers collection.

Fearless Travellers – live March 5th

This month, All 4 brings you the world, in the form of four fabulous documentary series spread across the continents that paint a fascinating picture of 21st-century life in some of the far-flung corners of the planet. Each show is presented by a distinctive and unique character, who brings their own world view to these eye-opening travelogues.

Openly gay actress Ellen Page heads out, with best friend Ian Daniel, on a journey to explore various LGBTQ cultures in locations around the world. Along the way, they meet people who share their stories of struggle and triumph as they work to be accepted by their communities. Their itinerary includes stops in Jamaica - notorious for its homophobia - and Brazil, where they experience one of the most dangerous confrontations of their lives in the country with the world's highest LGBTQ murder rate. On a lighter note, while in Japan they head to a party at the world's smallest gay bar.

Walking the Nile 
British explorer Levison Wood sets out to walk the length of the River Nile from source to sea in this epic four-part series. His nine-month, seven-million-step journey takes him through jungles, savannah, deserts, cities and war zones in some of Africa's most remote and spectacular locations. Along the way, he encounters modern Africa, its people and its wildlife face-to-face and at ground level.

Our Guy in India 
Guy Martin has a love for adventure and they don't come much bigger than an epic 1000-mile trip across India, culminating in one of the world's maddest bike races. Rider Mania is the largest gathering of Royal Enfield motorbikes on the planet. In this two-part series, Guy wants to ride there and win it at the end of his two-week trip. Along the way, Guy, with his love of tea, lorry repair, motorbikes and daredevil risk taking, introduces viewers to a rarely-seen side of modern India.

Escape to Costa Rica 
In this visually arresting three-part series, science writer and explorer Gaia Vince and her family go to Costa Rica to find out how this remarkable little republic has become 'the happiest, most sustainable country in the world'. Costa Rica runs its national grid on rivers and volcanos and by 2021 it will be carbon neutral. It has no military, and its rainforest is actually increasing and is home to more than 500,000 species. It is also, it must be said, somewhat easy on the eye.

The Drama Club Presents Secret State– live March 5th 

As Homeland returns to Channel 4 this month, why not take a look back at one of the best political thrillers of recent times: 

Secret State, based on Labour MP Chris Mullin’s book, A Very British Coup. 

Gabriel Byrne stars as Deputy Prime Minister Tom Dawkins, who's thrust to the fore when the Prime Minister’s plane crashes in mysterious circumstances. But how much did a shady US petrochemical company have to gain from the PM’s death? Also stars Charles Dance and Gina McKee. 

We Love Sitcoms – live March 12th

Cheer up gloomy pants, we’ve got bloody hours of solid gold sitcom brilliance to binge on. From well-loved classics like Peep Show to soon-to-be-classics like Derry Girls, get involved. There’s hours of the stuff.

Peep Show
The classic David Mitchell and Robert Webb sitcom – Mark and Jez are a pair of dysfunctional flatmates, trying to survive relationships, work, paying the rent and living together.

Friday Night Dinner
Award winning comedy starring Tamsin Grieg, Paul Ritter, Simon Bird and Tom Rosenthal. The Goodman family try to celebrate their Friday dinner every week – only it rarely ever goes to plan…

Derry Girls
Derry Girls is a brand new comedy from acclaimed writer Lisa McGee who has mined her own experiences to create a candid, one-of-a-kind, family-centred comedy set against the spectre of The Troubles in 1990s Northern Ireland.

Man Down
Greg Davies is hilarious as Dan, a teacher who refuses to grow up. With Roisin Conaty, Gwyneth Powell and Rik Mayall.

E4 Presents Fun in the Sun – live March 12th

This month E4 Presents is having itself some Fun in the Sun. So long snow and minus 5 degrees, hello beautiful Mediterranean sunshine on your screen in the form of First Dates Hotel, Coach Trip: Road to Ibiza, Made In Chelsea: Ibiza and Our First Gay Summer: Mykonos.

First Dates Hotel 

Maitre-d Fred is taking a break from the First Dates restaurant to run his very own summer season of love at a luxury hotel on the continent. Along with his team of matchmakers, he’ll welcome unlucky in love singletons from all over the UK, who've literally going that extra mile in their search for "The One". During their two day stay, daters will embark on the most romantic blind date of their lives. If Cupid’s arrow strikes, they'll then have the rest of their stay to see if they've finally found amour. 

Our First Gay Summer: Mykonos 

Follow three young gay Brits on the summer of a lifetime in Europe’s gay capital, Mykonos. Over the course of their stay Lewis, Curtis and Ashley will experience wild nights out, go on awkward doubles dates and try new things they never thought they would on the idyllic Greek island.

Made in Chelsea: Ibiza

Last summer Chelsea’s glamorous gang packed their bags and jetted out of London for warmer climes in MIC: Ibiza. By embracing the island’s bohemian vibes and spiritual side whilst also exploring the crystal-clear waters, exclusive party spots, and exquisite hide-outs, SW3’s favourite faces had an unforgettable summer of sun, sea, and scandal. Of course it wasn’t just fun in the sun - friendships were tested, unexpected romances blossomed and couples crumbled in the sizzling heat. With sand between their toes and wind in their hair, the Chelsea crowd left no swanky hangout unturned as experienced a summer never to be forgotten. 

Coach Trip: Road to Ibiza

International tour guide and Coach Trip legend Brendan is back on the road for another 30-day road trip around Europe. This series will see the coach making stops at sun-soaked Mediterranean destinations as it makes its way to the White Isle - Ibiza. And with a gang of young and varied group of passengers on board, and some explosive voting twists along the way, this trip promises to be full of surprises...

Walter Presents – Serial Killers – live March 19th

This month Walter Presents, the showcase for the best foreign language drama series from around the world, takes a turn for the sinister with four dramas about serial killers. You might want to sleep with the doors locked and the light on after devouring this lot.

13 Commandments 

Inspired by the Ten Commandments, a killer commits a series of gruesome crimes hoping to jolt society’s conscience with them in this gripping Belgian crime drama. Proclaiming himself as a modern-day Moses, the killer aims to restore long-gone moral standards and punishes transgressors ruthlessly. Two police officers get caught up in an impossible hunt for the murderer, who becomes more and more popular with the public, despite the cruelty of his crimes. 


FBI detective Vera Muller is appointed to help Chief of Police Alexandre Dias solve a string of sadistic murders. This dark, visceral crime thriller from Brazil sees a charismatic serial killer infiltrate the police to play a cat-and-mouse game with the forensic psychologist tasked with tracking him down. 

Forgotten Girls 

Breathtaking French detective thriller in which a young woman vanishes, leaving a police officer, Captain Christian Janvier , convinced there's a link to the unsolved cases of six 'forgotten girls' who disappeared in the past. Only this time, the criminal has left a behind a clue.

Pure Evil 

Criminologist Daniel Parodi is woken when the nursery rhyme whistled by his daughter's killer during her murder plays on his computer. Could it be that psychopathic leader of The Sons of Saturn sect Hugo Lopez, recently released from prison, isn’t done with him yet?

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