Casting Announcement! Original character Kurt Benson, played by Jeremy Edwards

Appears in upcoming Hollyoaks 25 trailer


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Hollyoaks can reveal that the new upcoming trailer will feature the return of character Kurt Benson, played by Jeremy Edwards, to the village after 20 years to celebrate the soap’s 25th Birthday

The new 25th birthday trailer teases to the dramatic return of original character Kurt Benson as he rides back in to his hometown on his signature motorbike, and reunites with his old friend Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) after all these years. Has Tony seen a ghost…

Kurt Benson appeared in the first ever episode of Hollyoaks in 1995, roaring onto our screens on his iconic motorbike and sharing his first scenes with best friend Tony (played by Nick Pickard).

During his time in the show Jeremy featured in many huge storylines thanks to Kurt’s turbulent love life, a deadly rivalry with notorious villain Rob Hawthorne (Warren Derosa) and escaped an attempted murder charge. Kurt went on to marry Ruth Osborne (Tony’s sister played by Terri Dwyer) and the pair became icons for all teenagers in love.

He eventually had an affair with Katie Patrick (Natasha Symms) prompting Kurt and Ruth to go their separate ways as he left the soap in 1999 in the same way he arrived, by motorbike.

But tragedy struck as just six months later, Kurt Benson was believed to have died in a jet ski accident. A devastated Tony Hutchinson never got over losing his best friend.

Kurt last appeared in Hollyoaks Later in 2013, fourteen years after his last episode. He was as a vision in Tony's mind, protecting Tony's son Harry Thompson, from danger.

Back to the present day, Tony is under the manipulation of his own father Edward Hutchinson (played by Joe McGann), dishevelled, living in a caravan and on the brink of divorce from wife Diane. A time when he needs his best friend most, but is Kurt really back?

COMING SOON! New Hollyoaks 25 trailer, including first look at birthday week, will be released tomorrow across all Hollyoaks’ social media platforms.

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September 29, 2020 4:57am ET by Channel 4  


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