Q&A with Syabira the Winner of 2022's The Great British Bake Off


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Q&A with Syabira:

Did you ever dream that you would actually get into the Bake Off tent, and what was your reaction when you got the call confirming your place?
I always dreamed to be in the Bake Off tent, however I never dared to dream to be one of the 12 bakers during the application and interview processes. I was very excited and couldn’t wait to bake when I got the confirming call.

Over the years, who or what has helped your baking improve?
Over the years, books, youtube, my partner, family and friends have helped my baking improvement.

You are given the prize of going up in a hot air balloon with a previous baker, who would you choose and why?
I would love to go up with Kim-Joy.

What’s the one kitchen utensil that you can’t really be without?
I can’t live without my spatulas!

In the very first week of filming what special memories do you have of that time?
I have my first relationship encounter with the induction hob and she is high maintenance. I don’t know how to make her work happily. :D

If you had to make a cake of yourself in your proudest moment – what would it be and why, and what kind of cake would it be?
If I have to make a cake, I would make a big butterfly cake, because this experience changes me as a person (in a good way).

As a baker what would you say are your strengths….and what are your weaknesses?
My strength is I am quick to learn and a resilient baker. Throw me anything, I will make it work. My biggest weakness is perfection.

Can you describe your emotions when you walked into the tent on the first day, was it what you expected it to be?
On the first day I walked into the tent, it felt surreal! I couldn’t believe that I am one of the 12 bakers. I felt sweet, nervous and at the same time excited.

If you had plenty of time at home, what’s the craziest kind of Showstopper you can think of to make?
If I had plenty of time, I would learn new crazy techniques or anything other than a showstopper. It is very big and I have concerns how I can distribute the cake because it’s massive!

Is there any kind of cake or biscuit that you really don’t like and what is your all time favourite?
My favourite cake is red velvet cake. I am not a huge fan of biscuits, but if I have to pick, I would go for ginger nuts or caramel shortbreads.


Syabira, 32, London, Cardiovascular Research Associate
Malaysian-born Syabira is one of seven children. She moved to the UK in 2013 to study for her PhD and is now happily settled in London with her boyfriend, Bradley. She loves gaming and often spends evenings playing an online World-War-II simulation game, which she credits with teaching her about leadership in the real world. Syabira started baking relatively recently – in 2017 – with a red velvet cake, which reminded her of the treats she shared with her friends back home. She is all for giving Malaysian flavour twists to British classics – chicken rendang cornish pasties are a particular favourite.

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November 17, 2022 4:00am ET by Channel 4  


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