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Thursday, February 16, 2017 7:48am ET by  

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Charli XCX says new mixtape is 'essentially a whole new album for free'

'After the Afterparty' hitmaker Charli XCX has revealed that her new 10-track mixtape is really a whole album that she will release under that heading so that it can be free to fans. 

Speaking to press at last night's NME Awards, she explained: “It’s just songs that me and AG Cook made in two weeks in LA when I was, like, feeling really depressed. It’s 10 whole new songs basically. It’s [being called] a mixtape so it can go out for free, but it’s essentially an album, a whole new album.”

The star also opened up about writing a song for Blondie's new album 'Pollinator' and said: “It’s actually a song I wrote when I was 15. I actually haven’t heard their final version of it yet but of course I’m super excited  – it’s Blondie, that’s huge."

Watch Charli XCX talking about Valentine's Day here:

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