San Diego mockumentary film Everybody Dies by the End coming to VOD September 22nd

Starring Vinny Curran, Brendan Cahalan, Iliyana Apostolova, Caroline Amiguet and Bill Oberst Jr.

Shot on location in Jamul and Downtown San Diego

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Local San Diego filmmakers Ian Tripp and Ryan Schafer created the dark mockumentary Everybody Dies by the End, which premiered in 2022 at FrightFest in London. Its international festival circuit includes Dublin Horrorthon in Ireland, Molins Horror Film Festival in Spain and Feratum Film Festival in Mexico. In June 2023, the film won 3 San Diego Film Awards for Best Lead Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Ensemble Cast.

Everybody Dies by the End was shot entirely in San Diego County and the film has been picked up for distribution by Terror Films. It’s scheduled for a VOD release on September 22, 2023. The story is about Alfred Costella, a cult filmmaker, who is making a masterpiece: his final film. He hires a film crew to shoot the movie, but as things go awry on set, Costella’s real intentions for his creation begin to unfold.

Praised by Nerdly who wrote “It’s one of those perfect late-night horror movies to watch with a bunch of friends,” Everybody Dies by the End is “Clever, funny and dark enough for horror fans to lap it up.” Projected Figures mentioned the “found footage meta-horror satirises genre’s connections with and influences on reality.” PopHorror said it is a “dark comedy with a bloody twist”and The Hollywood News pointed out it “captures all the tempers and stress of making a movie, whilst simultaneously highlighting the power and danger of worshipping celebrities.”
Everybody Dies by the End stars Vinny Curran (Resolution), Brendan Cahalan (EGODEATH), Iliyana Apostolova (Howard Original), Caroline Amiguet (Angels Fallen) and Bill Oberst Jr. (3 from Hell). The production team includes Tripp, who wrote, shot, edited, co-directed and produced with Schafer, co-editor Joshua Wyble (The Evil Rises), co-cinematographer Oscar Perez (Panic at Parq) and co-producer Sam Sprague (Buggard).


Ian Tripp & Ryan Schafer were both born and raised in San Diego, California where they met in the sixth grade and immediately bonded over their mutual love for cinema. Proceeding to make comedy videos in high school, they then graduated to making serious attempts at making movies. Many years later, the duo started their own film production company and directed their first feature film together; Everybody Dies by the End.

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