Disco Dicks Release New Double-Track Single "The Power Bundle" With Oriental Roots


Disco Dicks

On 10 June 2022 German/Dutch alternative rock duo Disco Dicks is coming into the spotlight with a new double-track single release titled "The Power Bundle".

The new release of the band portrays an unexpected mix between the Western garage rock and some oriental motives inspired by the Eastern music tradition.

In "The Power Bundle", Disco Dicks keep up their endless experiments with original beat making and producing, leading to a variety of provocative danceable crossover tunes for midnight rebels and headbangers alike.

The first track of the bundle, "The Hollywood Show", strikes the listener with an almost mechanical drive, while the second track - "FCK YOU" - tends towards an Eastern groove with some spaghetti Western vibes.

Disco Dicks keep up the pace in their lightspeed journey towards the upcoming debut album about their incredible adventures through space and time. Board the Falcon, open a bottle and turn yourself on autopilot.


Disco Dicks are the opposite of your dental insurance with lifetime care. Disco Dicks are two astronauts with rusty spacesuits and dust in the engine of their rocket that can only do one setting - full speed ahead.

The two future-retro-lovers put their space-cart before the horse. Kicking a hole in your stomach area with rugged guitar riffs and organically pulsating drum grooves. Uncovering what rock 'n' roll,
dance and disco have in common, back to the future style.

A little too much glitter, maybe a little too much space pomade in the hair - but enough energy to give the workers of a nuclear power plant a week off. They have more punch than Mike Tyson's left hand, more dirt than your local sex shop and maybe just as much style as your mom had back in the 80s.

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June 10, 2022 5:00pm ET by Disco Dicks  

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