Bolero and Reggae, a new reggae proposal called "Son de montaña"

A new reggae fusion that sounds like reggae and recalls the intimacy of the bolero, is Donkristobal's new proposal; Renowned artist on the music scene of the city of Medellín, Colombia, who launches the first song of his new artistic bet.



Son de montaña is the name Donkristobal has given to this new sub-genre of reggae that promises to make everyone dance, while taking them to experience the intimacy and nostalgia of the bolero; a proposal that seeks to break schemes and invites them to enjoy the diversity of the rhythm.

The idea that emerged one day in 2018 in the midst of exploring new sonorities became a reality in 2020, when the team, motivated by the air of change that the pandemic brought, decided, after 17 years of experience, to be resilient in the face of the adversity that was occurring in the world and the artistic scene; and turn their energy into rethinking their style, thus daring to give life to Son de montaña, a new subgenre of reggae that can be sung, felt, cried and above all loved.

We wanted to return to those sounds that generate nostalgia, to connect with our bohemian side without moving away from the power and flavor of reggae, and that was the challenge, to unite those two concepts and create a sound of our own'', says Johann Morales, producer of Donkristobal.

Me asusta, is the name of the first single of this new subgenre; a song with Cha cha chá sounds and reggae base that talks about heartbreak and impossible love, and was released along with the official video on Friday, April 30 through the artist's social networks.

A musical proposal that brings the freshness of reggae and the melancholy of bolero, and which his followers will be able to witness on June 18 through his virtual concert La nueva conquista, where through a full band stage show, the audience will experience each song as if it were part of their own story.

A new sub-genre of reggae, the release of a new song, the premiere of the official video, new melodies waiting to be released, a virtual concert and a talent that overflows passion and perseverance is what the Paisa artist Donkristobal brings to his audience, as his musical director José Fernando Velásquez says, ''local talent for the world, a bet worth making''.


Donkristobal has a career of more than 18 years in which he has shared the stage with artists such as Boy George, Los Cafres, Cultura Profética, Dread Mar I, among others, and has participated in international events such as the Festival Vive Latino 2018.

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May 1, 2021 7:00am ET by Donkristobal  

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