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Ed Sheeran: "Second album has taken full shape"

British star Ed Sheeran says his second album has taken "full shape" recently.

The singer-songwriter achieved international recognition with his hugely successful debut offering '+', and is currently working on the follow-up record.

Speaking at, Sheeran revealed: “My second album has taken full shape recently. I don’t know if there will be any collaborations on it yet. I have a name for it but I can’t tell you the name just yet but it doesn’t start with a letter”.

The hotly-anticipated second offering from Sheeran is slated for a February 17, 2014 release date.

The red-headed star also revealed that 'Photograph' will be a "big song" on the album.

Sheeran is currently touring in Australia and New Zealand, and says fans shouldn't expect any new material at his shows.

He explained: "Coldplay do that and big bands can ease in new songs to their set but my fans are so viral that the moment that I’d play a new song every one of them would hear it. They are on YouTube and Twitter and I think there should be some surprise. I don’t want everyone knowing what the record is before they get it. I want them to listen to it first.”





Watch Sheeran perform at the Grammys with Sir Elton John here: