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Ed Sheeran: "Harry Styles made me watch a romantic comedy with him"

Ed Sheeran has opened up on what it's like to hang out with One Direction.

The singer-songwriter has become good friends with the boyband after writing material for the group, most notably with Harry Styles.

The Daily Star quotes the 'A Team' man as saying, however, that time spent with the One Direction lads isn't always the most rock n' roll.

He said that he has played board games with Niall Horan, whilst he was also made to watch a romantic film with Styles. Sheeran said:

"Whenever I hang out with them, they are very relaxed. A couple came to stay at my house over Christmas. When Niall was there we played Monopoly and when Harry was there we watched One Day because he insisted on seeing it. I didn't know what it was but I was made to watch it. Harry fast-forwarded it to the end, showed me the bike bit, and said that's what happens and then we watched it."

The Grammy nominated star continued: "The last couple of times we hung out, we did the least rock n' roll things. Nobody goes around smashing TVs any more. Everyone in music, bar a couple of people, is really polite now. The reason is people have to like you to buy your record. You can't just go out there and be an idiot."





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