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Ellie Goulding addresses making tours eco-friendly

Ellie Goulding has urged other artists to follow in her footsteps by making their tours as eco-friendly as possible.

The global superstar has vowed to travel by train and only fly if it's absolutely necessary. She's also working on keeping her live show "minimal" to reduce her carbon footprint when she embarks on her 2021 'Brightest Blue' tour in support of her fourth studio album, and third U.K. No. 1 album of the same name.

The 33-year-old star and tireless philanthropist and activist insists that celebrities who claim to be "green" but fly across the world have no choice but to be "hypocritical," because the world is not yet environmentally-friendly.

She recently used, where possible, environmentally-friendly materials for the packaging of her latest record to help reduce her carbon footprint.

Goulding is a global ambassador for the UN Environment Programme, and recently said that following the increase of people's interest in nature amid the coronavirus pandemic, she hopes to see more people willing to make a stand against climate change.

Writing in a letter about climate change for Vogue magazine, she said: "Hi, I'm Ellie and I'm full of hope about the future. I'm also frequently full of dread, worry, anxiety and bravado, courage, anger, wonder, love, and a whole mix of other things because let's face it, we are complex, us humans.

"I believe we are hardwired to be hopeful, just as we are hardwired to love nature - you just sometimes have to dig a little. I'm a nature nerd, myself. I grew up in rural Herefordshire on the English-Welsh border, pacing through fields and knowing all the hedgerows, wildflowers, and open spaces."

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