Fox Nigon releases 'My Girl'

My Girl is the new single and new video available.

Is it another blasphemous video produced by Fox Nigon ?


Fox Nigon

Title : My Girl
Artist : Fox Nigon
Style : Rock Ballad - Slow
Language : English
Origin : France
Label : Web Spirit
Release date : 13.10.2021

Credits :
Music & Lyrics written & performed by Fox Nigon
Production: Web Spirit - Fox Nigon - Matt Butler
Arranged and mixed by Matt Butler
Piano & Organ: Jimmy Smith
Guitar: Erwan Anadon
Bass: Romain Brusini
Drums: Laurent Julia
Flute: Matt Butler
Recording Engineers : Florent Charles, Jack Mallette, Rob Butler & Sam Golden
Vocal production and arrangement : Rob Butler
Studios: Studio 110 (UK) - The Stone House (UK) - Studio MySound (France)
Video Production: Web Spirit - Fox Nigon
Images : Octavian Pictures - Storylocks

"My Girl" story :
Another love story...
As usual, happy, cheated, dumped, suicidal !!!
And another thing, no one likes a slow dance anymore,
Are you dreaming?
Mademoiselle, will you grant me this dance, will you be my Girl ?
My Girl is a romantic ballad in the purest tradition of great rock groups.
The intensity rises gradually, and where you would expect a great guitar solo, Fox delivers us a spoken break, further upping the pressure a notch, until the end when the guitars sound the death knell.
Even though this video has absolutely no explicit content (Fox has learned the lesson and is wary of censorship ...), some will find it blasphemous. Indeed, the mixture of religious images within a church and those of 'My Girl', a young girl more than sensual, will offend more than one Puritan.
After his previous very ambiguous title (Aimer Un Copain), Fox clarifies the situation with all those who would have believed in a coming out.
'My Girl' is a song from the album '2021'.


Name : Fox Nigon
Style : Pop-Rock / Blues
Origin : France
Label : Web Spirit
Success : God lives in Hell (2018) - The game is over (2019) - Bad Boy (2020)
Albums : être ET renaître (2018) - to be AND to be (2019) - Auguries (2021)
Last show : Festival Pop'Arts - Antibes - France
Medias : RollingStone Magazine - WRDE Coast TV - 21 WFMJ - The Independent Music Times - Le Parisien - KMS - DirectActu - Lbc Musique - Radio Riviera Montreux - Beverley FM - K-Ty Radio...
Streams / Views : 4.5 Million
Engagements : Godfather of the Federation France AVC (stroke research and prevention)

Source Fox Nigon

October 12, 2021 7:51pm ET by Fox Nigon  

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