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Jean-Michel Jarre has collaborated with rising British composer Adiescar Chase to create “Synthy Sisters Take Two.” The track is a rework of “Synthy Sisters” taken from Jarre’s acclaimed 2022 album OXYMORE.

The rework continues a series of collaborations from the album, including “EPICA TAKE 2” with Marseille-based Electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist French 79; “EPICA EXTENSION” with Brian Eno; “BRUTALISM TAKE 2” with Martin Gore; and “BRUTALISM REPRISE” with Deathpact.

Adiescar Chase is an emerging and celebrated composer, known for her work on the soundtrack to the Netflix series “Heartstopper.” “Synthy Sisters Take Two” changes the essence of the original track, with Chase bringing additional operatic vocals and her own signature synths to the table.

“One of the first electronic albums I was introduced to growing up was Jean-Michel Jarre’s ‘Oxygène,,” says Adiescar. “It made me experience music in an entirely different way - it was a sonic journey, a discovery of sound, of audio sensations! His music helped spark my enjoyment in exploring synthesized sound, and along with a variety of other genres, was the foundation of my musical upbringing.”

Speaking about reworking the track with Jarre, she explains: “Listening to his album ‘Oxymore’ I got to continue on that sonic exploration, closing my eyes and really feeling the sensation of sound. When invited to rework a piece from the album, I felt a personal connection to the track ‘Synthy Sisters’ with his use of vocal sampling and bendy synth notes that some might hear similarly in my own pieces. To input more of my DNA into the track I added extra vocals, both operatic and ‘chest thumping’ - styles which I enjoy, some classical piano, strings, and additional ‘Adiescar’ flavored synths! Working with Jean-Michel and his team has been a joy. I felt there was a lot of trust in the musical process and feedback was always full of enthusiasm! It’s so amazing meeting people who honestly and truly love their craft and I’m honored to have been able to rework this track.”

The original “Synthy Sisters” track appears on Jarre’s album OXYMORE crafted as a tribute to the French roots of electronic music which has had a major influence on the music production of the genre over the years. OXYMORE is also an homage to the late French composer Pierre Henry, an iconic figure in electronic and classical music, and one of Jarre’s influences at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) where he studied. OXYMORE was released in October 222. Conceptually it is his most ambitious and groundbreaking album to date, and the first commercial release of this scale which fully utilizes multichannel and binaural sound (spatial 3D). Jarre produced, composed, recorded and mixed in 360 degree audio in the "Innovation" studios at Radio France.

Listen to Jean-Michel Jarre’s OXYMORE at OXYMORE (

OXYMORE is out now. The album is available as CD, Double Vinyl and digital in Stereo, Binaural, 5.1 and Dolby Atmos. The physical product includes a code to access the highest quality Binaural master as intended by Jean-Michel Jarre when producing the album.

OXYMORE in the press:

“OXYMORE demonstrates that immersive audio isn't just an extension of stereo. It's a genuinely new medium with infinite creative potential.”– Sound on Sound

“A controlled, raw and festive bacchanal of sound.” – Rolling Stone

“… Jarre only looks to the past to tap into ideas that he can reimagine in the most futuristic way. This is what he has done with Oxymore, the 22nd album of his half-century-spanning career. Out today (Oct. 21), Oxymore is built upon stems and samples from one of Jarre’s early mentors, Pierre Henry, the godfather of France’s musique concrete movement, under whose tutelage at Paris’ legendary Groupe de Recheres Musicales Jarre cut his electronic music teeth.” – Billboard

“A revolution in sound” – Technikart

“Ever the innovator, Jean-Michel Jarre’s desire to shape the future leaves little room for nostalgia.” – Prog Magazine

“A sonic adventure best enjoyed solo with very good headphones.” – Mojo

“… Jean-Michel Jarre has been innovating electronic music and the way we interact with it. With over 20 studio albums and a number of record-breaking performances under his belt, the pioneering artist has never been afraid to take chances.” –


About Adiescar Chase

Adiescar Chase is an exciting, emerging and very distinctive composer and multi-instrumentalist based in the UK, composing and performing in a wide variety of contemporary, musical styles.

With a diverse collection of projects in her portfolio ranging from video games, tv drama, short film and animation, Adiescar is the composer for Netflix’ YA drama HEARTSTOPPER, directed by Euros Lyn for See-Saw Films. She is the composer for Rope Ladder Fiction and Wall to Wall Media’s WATERLOO ROAD drama series broadcasting on BBC.

After graduating with a first class B.mus (Hons) degree in composition at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2017, Adiescar went on to study for a Masters in Composition for Film and Television at the National Film & Television School graduating in early 2021.

About Jean-Michel Jarre

Jean-Michel Jarre has always been a futurist in his field. Throughout his illustrious career, the composer, performer, producer and cultural ambassador has continued to break new ground with his music and his mastery of creative innovation. From his early pioneering role in electronic music, his use of multi-channel audio technology and production, to his recent explorations into the realms of VR performance and the metaverse, technology is at the forefront of everything he does. He is quoted as claiming that “today is the most exciting time to create, to make music, and to share across so many mediums”.

Jarre is UNESCO ambassador for education, science and culture, an unconditional defender of the planet and the environment and Laureate of the Stephen Hawking Medal for scientific communication.

Jarre’s current catalog, which now includes 22 studio albums, has generated sales of more than 85 million worldwide to date, and earned him countless awards and nominations. Throughout his career, Jarre has taken as canvas, some of the most iconic landmarks and UNESCO World Heritage sites around the globe for his creative, cultural and environmental message. He has also set new Guinness World Records for live audience attendance at concerts in several emblematic locations. He was the first western musician to be invited to perform in China and has also created and performed concert-events at the Great Pyramids in Egypt, the Sahara Desert, the Forbidden City & Tiananmen Square, the Eiffel Tower, the Dead Sea, Al Ula and more. He has consistently sold-out arena and stadium tours across the continents, as well as performing at major festivals including Coachella. In 2021, he rang in the new year with Welcome To The Other Side, a groundbreaking livestream broadcast worldwide from a virtual Notre Dame in Paris. U.S. touring & live entertainment trade publication US Pollstar states that the livestream attracted record breaking audiences of over 75 million viewers worldwide across various platforms, television and VR. His brand new OXYMORE immersive project is out now worldwide.

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