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Dave Grohl on career: 'Foo Fighters was born out of survival'

Iconic rock band Foo Fighters have enjoyed an incredible career to date and frontman Dave Grohl has revealed that the band was formed "out of survival". 

Speaking to Deadline about why he never bothered to showcase his vocal ability in Nirvana, Grohl explained that it was just a different kind of musical project:

"I was in a band with Kurt Cobain, who was the greatest songwriter of our generation. I didn't want to pollute that process. The whole time I was in Nirvana, I was recording stuff in my basement. But I didn't let anyone hear it, because I didn't need to. Because I heard it."

He added: "I didn't feel like I was keeping this incredible secret. That was the beginning of the Foo Fighters. It was like a coming out, like, 'OK, I also do this.' The Foo Fighters is a band that was born out of... just survival."

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Watch the band's music video for 'Something From Nothing' here:


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