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Designer Henry Holland: 'Girls Aloud refused to let me style them'

Fashion designer Henry Holland has revealed that while he was working his way up in the industry, he was asked to style Girls Aloud for a magazine cover shoot but the group refused his help. 

Speaking to press at the PPA magazine festival, Holland explained that the 'Call The Shots' beauties didn't want him to dress them for the shoot and instead brought other people in to fill his shoes:

"When I was working for Smash Hits as the stylist, Girls Aloud came in for a front cover shoot and they wouldn't allow me to dress them. They wouldn't let me go near them and had other people come in with them instead who could style them."

He went onto add that there is no bad blood between them and he's pals with them now:

"I remember Nicola didn't say a word to me. We would see each other at parties and she would just be so quiet. She was quiet for a long time but it's so funny because now we talk all the time and we are actually good friends. I remind her all the time of how she wouldn't speak to me even though she knew me, and we laugh about it."

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Watch Girls Aloud's music video for 'Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me' below: