Dappy in Time Out - Today!

Dappy is featured fishing in today's issue of Time Out magazine. His debut solo album 'Bad Intentions' is out 22nd October.  Quotes from Dappy below:

'Fishing is everything to me. I've been doing it pretty much since I come out my mum's womb."

'My metabolism's f*cked. I've been in the studio for four months solid recording my debut album, going to sleep at 7am, waking up at 6pm and hardly eating. I've lost all my weight, man.'

On Brian May appearing in the Rockstar video while kids smoked bongs:  'That's life, though, innit? Working with Brian was one of the biggest moments of my life, though. Made me want to buy a wig.'

On ideal collaboration: 'Phil Collins: we have similar top-line melodies. Or Freddie Mercury. He was the greatest performer of all time.'

'Anyone who says that badman can't fish is wrong,' grins Dappy. 'Not that I'm a badman. I keep fishing reel. Reel. Geddit?'





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