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Hayley Kiyoko Cancels North American Tour

Hayley Kiyoko has cancelled her North American tour. She explained that she was forced to make the difficult decision to pull her 'I'm Too Sensitive For This S**t' Tour but will use the time positively to focus on finishing her new album now instead.

She wrote on Twitter and Instagram: "Hey my Kiyokians. We have been on this journey for some time now and I’m so proud of this beautiful community of people supporting each other. You inspire me each and everyday. We have grown so much each and every year, and as a community we must continue to grow.

"With every step forward sometimes we have setbacks that help make us stronger and push harder. And so I have some upsetting news.

"The timing for the tour didn’t go the way we had hoped and due to a lot of factors not aligning for the year ahead, I am forced to make the extremely difficult decision to cancel my upcoming North American tour. I have never canceled one show date in my entire career and so this is really one of the hardest decisions I've ever made, and even more heartbreaking to express to you.

"I promise we will look back at this time and know it led to something bigger and greater. Please know that I'm not going anywhere. I won’t be taking any time off. I will be using this time to work extremely hard on finishing my new album in order to give you my absolute best."

The singer-songwriter had previously confessed that whilst her fanbase is "small", it is "strong and mighty".

Back in December, she said: "If people don't believe in you, then... it’s tough. So I’m very grateful to have that support. My fanbase is small, strong, and mighty, but it’s growing and eventually, it will be very mainstream... [They are] very passionate and colourful."

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