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Name: Antigoni Buxton
Age: 26
From: London
Occupation: Singer-songwriter

Why Love Island and why now?

I’ve been single for almost a year and a half and for the whole of the last year my goal has been to have as many different experiences as possible. I really just want to say ‘yes’ to things. Why not? It’ll be fun. I’m a Cypriot girl and I love being in the sun. I’ve got nothing to lose!

What do you think you are going to bring to the Villa?

I think I’m going to bring a positive energy - I’m a very positive person.

Why do you think you’re a catch? What makes you a good girlfriend?

When I’m into somebody, I’m very much all about them. My culture is a very open, generous culture and I like to think I carry that trait as a girlfriend. I really put 100% into somebody when I like them. I would also like that back!

How do you think your family and friends would describe you?

They would describe me as energetic, the organiser and planner - I’m the one who books all the family holidays and the girls trips. They would say I’m a bit of a party animal and I think they would say I’m a fierce friend - I’m very loyal and protective over the people in my life.

If you had one chance to impress someone, what would you do?

I would sing! I would grab my guitar and play a song.

Are you competitive? How do you feel about treading on toes?

In life generally, I am quite competitive - I get really serious over Christmas Day Monopoly. It’s not my intention to tread on anyone’s toes but if I feel the energy from somebody and that connection then in a very open and honest way, I will explore that but I’ll be transparent with everyone in the situation.

Who have you got your eye on in the Villa?

I won’t know who I’m feeling until I get in there - I need to meet somebody in person and see their energy and vibe.

What gives you the ick?

Someone who is stingy! It’s not about money but I think being stingy is a character trait and it coincides with someone who is quite selfish with their time.

Do you fall in love quickly or are you a ‘slow burner’?

I’ve only ever been in love once - I don’t think I’ve been in love since. I think I fall in lust and infatuation quickly.


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