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James Blake on fame: 'I felt like I lived a double life'

British singer-songwriter James Blake has revealed that rising to fame made him feel as though he was living a double life

During an interview with America's Rolling Stone magazine, the musician admitted that it is so strange to experience the gap between his public persona and what he is like behind closed doors, and he struggles to reconcile the two even now:

"I felt like I lived a double life. Me doing festivals, me being on TV, meeting Pharrell, and then me with my old-school friends: the person that was prone to getting into a rut, the person that could easily switch off and just not see anyone for ages." 

He went onto explain that he is able to be his most creative when he has a team with him that allow him the freedom to focus on whatever it is that needs his attention:

"I need other people now. I need the freedom of not having to do every little tiny thing to the point of completion. I'm happy in the studio talking to other people. Having other artists around me [and] being thrown into a world of creativity where you're in front of the mixing desk and you've got instruments and you're trying to piece together a puzzle."

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