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Saturday, October 20, 2018 6:29pm ET by  

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Lauren Jauregui unleashes Expectations trailer

Lauren Jauregui has unleashed a 30 second trailer for her brand new upcoming single, Expectations.

Expectations will be out next week on Wednesday, 24 October, and the singer-songwriter tweeted: "Only four days left✨🕊✨ my heart is swelling."

The 22-year-old then tweeted out a link to the trailer with the caption: "#4DaysUntilExpectations".

The full length official video is expected to be premiered on the day of the single release

The Fifth Harmony star spoke about how she does find the thought of releasing such personal material daunting, but that she has to embrace it as part of her growth. She told the L.A. Times recently:

“The prospect of putting it out into the world and people debating whether it’s a flop or not is, truthfully, terrifying — crippling even. 

"But I stop and remind myself that I’m talented. I can write. I can sing. This is my gift."

Jauregui added: "I can either listen to what everybody else says and compare myself to their standards, or I can just uplift my own standards and continue to better myself for myself.”

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