Movie "Girl in the Video" Begins on January 13


Lifetime (US)

"Girl in the Video," "Dying in Plain Sight" and "Confessions of a Cam Girl" are all on tap on successive Saturday nights.


Premieres Saturday, January 13
Stars Cush Jumbo

Inspired by real events, Girl in the Video examines the story of widowed mother Mo (Cush Jumbo, The Good Fight, Criminal Record) who is managing parenting two teens the best she can. Her daughter Krissy (Tia May Watts, The Chelsea Detective) has begun secretly chatting online with Toby, whom she believes is a cute high school senior, and Krissy sneaks out one night to meet him at a party. When Mo discovers she's missing the next morning, Mo and her son Robbie start an all-out search for her and alert local detectives. As the case garners media attention, an anonymous tip reveals Krissy is being held captive and exploited in sexually abusive live streams for money on the dark web. Racing to find Krissy before she is murdered, Mo and Robbie track down every clue they can to try to bring Krissy home.


Premieres Saturday, January 20

Inspired by true events, Dying in Plain Sight tells the emotional story of overweight high school student Morgan Cruz (Raffa Virago, Fellow Travelers, Macy Murdoch) and her mother Kim, (Nicola Correia-Damude, The Boys, Resident Alien) who both harbor dark secrets that lead to devasting circumstances. When Kim leaves her cheating husband, she becomes so focused on "clean eating" that she doesn't notice Morgan has stopped eating altogether. While Morgan receives positive validation for her changing body, privately she begins to experience the terrible side effects of her disorder. Morgan's cries for help seem to fall on deaf ears until she's hospitalized for life-threatening malnutrition, leading Kim to finally realize how her own disordered eating was a terrible influence on Morgan, pushing her to the brink of death.


Premieres Saturday, January 27
Stars Megan Best

Inspired by real stories, Confessions of a Cam Girl follows the eighteen-year-old fashion savant Kristen (Megan Best, Dawn) who is set to become the first in her family to graduate college. Her working-class parents are furious when she reveals a plan to attend fashion school instead of college. Her parents refuse to use her college fund for her farfetched dream. Determined to pay for it herself, Kristen secretly creates an online explicit content page to raise $10,000 for dream program. Confident that she can keep her side hustle under wraps, Kristen's secret unravels and threatens not just her future, but the safety of her family as well.

Source Lifetime (US)

January 12, 2024 2:00pm ET by Lifetime (US)  


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