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Lorde speaks candidly about being in the limelight: 'I suck at being famous'

Lorde has spoken candidly about her early found success and the effect of fame. Speaking to the NME, she said:

"If anything, I’ve slowly been getting less famous since ‘Royals’ was really big. Which is totally cool for me… I suck at being famous. And that’s fine.

"It rocked my foundations and could have f***ed me, you know? I remember being made aware of my looks and my body in a way that I had never been.

"I remember all these kids online. I think I beat their favourite people to Number One, and they were like 'F**k her, she's got really far-apart eyes.' I remember being like, 'Whoa! How did I get all this way without knowing I had far-apart eyes?' Just weird s**t like that. But I was able to return to my family and shelter against that and get to where I am now. I feel so comfortable in myself."

Lorde's new album, "Melodrama" is released today (June 16). It is her second studio album.

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