Underground Rap Artist Canva$ Turns Up His Radio Promotion

Goldsboro, North Carolina -- Underground rap artist Canva$ has made quite a name for himself over the past few weeks. The release of his new mixtape 'The Forecast' was un-expected to the world, but still very much enjoyed. His single 'Mixed Emotions' is doing very well on youtube at the moment with just over 600 organic views, and is now featured on the most popular internet radio station online.

IBFU Radio is a radio station designed for underground r&b and rap artists to finally have an avenue through the airway that supports their music alone. The radio airplay charts of IBFU Radio are to due to be released today and of course Canva$ and his entire team are excited to see how well 'Mixed Emotions' really is doing on the air.

For more exclusive info on the Goldsboro, North Carolina rapper Canva$ contact Focus the Producer [Major Music Promotion] -- (504)329-0884 or focus@dirtyscopebeatz.com

Free stream the single 'Mixed Emotions' by Canva$ below:

January 10, 2014 10:47am ET by Division One Finance   Comments (0)

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