Mississippi rap artist JRell Rainman now no.1 on the radio charts

Mississippi Music News -- Jackson, Mississippi rap artist JRell Rainman was announced on Saturday as the no.1 artist on IBFU Radio. His hit single 'Dope Status' featuring Papa Duck has been in the top 10 records on the underground rap and r&b music mix for over 5 weeks prior to the announcement, but had never received this honor in the past.

Not only is the record doing well on the radio, but it is also doing well all around the internet with top ranks on youtube and google for various searches. When you search Papa Duck songs on youtube his collaboration with JRell Rainman is amongst the top ranks, and when you search Mississippi rap artist on youtube JRell is ranked amongst Mississippi greats like David Banner, and Big K.R.I.T.

For more information on JRell Rainman contact Focus the Producer at 504.329.0884. Free stream the audio version of JRell Rainman's 'Dope Status' below:

January 14, 2014 1:25am ET by Forbes Music Entertainment   Comments (0)

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