Hip Hop Internet Radio Station 'IBFU Radio' Is Making Big Noise Worldwide

Underground Music News -- Independent hip hop radio station now in its 7th month of operation is quickly becoming the most popular station for independent recording artists. The exposure that this hip hop internet radio station gives to its members is far beyond that of any other radio station in the world. Artists not only get radio spins but they also receive media coverage, and help distributing their music on the internet through Tunecore (IBFU Radio's new partner in rhyme).

At times classified only as a New York underground radio station, IBFU Radio is working hard to break that train of thought in the minds of those listening. IBFU Radio has listeners in over 100 different countries and for two weeks straight in the month of January the United States was not even the top listening country on the list. Quite the amazing feat for a radio station that is this young.

IBFU Radio is truly internet radio for unsigned artists only. Spinning nothing but the hottest underground rap, r&b, pop, and reggae music 24 hours per day. This radio station is probably one of the most competitive around as well. Every month artsists compete for the crown of the highest selling and highest rated. No. one on the airplay charts this month is 'I Can't Explain It' by Maine.

Check out IBFU Radio -- http://www.ibfuradio.com

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About IBFU Radio

Listen to radio free online. Get radio spins for your songs on New York underground radio. Internet radio for unsigned hip hop, rnb, and pop artists.

Twitter -- http://www.twitter.com/ibfuradio

Facebook -- http://www.facebook.com/ibfuradio

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